Bound Neck / Cuffs
Separate additional piece of fabric bound on to the neck and cuff area to give longevity in wear and better shape retention.

Combed Cotton
Cotton which has had its shorter fibres and impurities removed to provide a much smoother yarn, and garment.

A stretchy fibre which is added to fabrics to give increased comfort and shape retention

A soft 100% cotton fabric that is smooth on both sides therefore soft to wear and ideal for printing or decorating. Interlock stretches and contours to the body without clinging: providing great fit and comfort.

Micro Fleece
SF fleece garments are made from a low-pill micro fleece: giving warmth, softness and comfort with excellent performance and appearance wash after wash. The density of the fibres mean that SF fleeces need not be as heavy: thus providing an excellent base for decoration.

Scooped Hem
Curved shaping to the hem of the garment offering flattering feminine attention to detail.

Single Jersey
Smooth fabric which gives excellent base for printing or embroidery. Can be 100% cotton or a mix (commonly with elastane to give shape retention)